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Wednesday, February 9th 2011

9:18 PM (1962 days, 12h, 18min ago)

Changing again...

I decided to move to Blogger.  It does things that I want that Bravejournal doesn't do.  So, follow me if you will (please?) to the new Eat Here Get Gas.  You won't be sorry.
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Wednesday, February 9th 2011

5:50 PM (1962 days, 15h, 46min ago)


How many days can I forget about my blog until I'm cozy in bed, trying to fall asleep?  Current count is 3.  What makes this worse is my complete lack of short term memory.  I'd like to tell you what I've done the last few days but recalling is taxing my tiny (blond AND Polish, as my mother will tell you) brain.  I can tell you I worked, ate and slept.  These things I know.  I bet I watched some TV, made some high price real estate deals and fought some crime too.  You know, the usual. 

Today was a good day.  I caught someone in a lie through my superior record keeping & investigative skills.  Evidence makes me happy.  I should totally be a private investigator.  I did my usual work, blah blah blah, boring.  On my lunch, I did some shopping.  Here are my super cute new socks over the top of my new purse (which is what I initially went shopping for).

I got a delivery from Amazon.com that I was a little too excited about.  I am epically bad at math and this book has tons of charts that do all the math & measuring for me.  Next to it is a "free motion" quilting foot for my sewing machine.  This will allow me to do fun designs on quilts & to quilt a million times faster than by hand. Is there such a thing as a quilting geek?  Because I think I could be their leader.

Finally, once I got home, I made some truly awesome soup.  It is a creamy potato with carrots, onions and cheese.  I can't even tell you how impressed I am with myself.  I usually want a recipe which I follow faithfully but this was my own invention.  I did start off with the first couple steps of another creamy soup but the rest is all mine.  It turned out so good!  So good, in fact, that my husband invited a friend over & now the soup is all gone.

And that, my friends, was my hump day in a nutshell.  Now I shall lay in bed & cuddle with my kitten while playing mahjong on my laptop.  The excitement never ends.
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Sunday, February 6th 2011

9:29 PM (1965 days, 12h, 8min ago)


I didn't take any pictures today.  I didn't leave the house today.  I didn't get out of my jammies today.  It was a great day.  We cooked some good food (pulled pork and rotel dip with fritos scoops), I took a nap for the first half of the Superbowl (I only watch for the commercials, anyway), got all the laundry done and cleaned the kitchen & one bathroom.  It was a productive day although it didn't include taking even one picture.  Oh well, you can't have everything.
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Saturday, February 5th 2011

11:29 PM (1966 days, 10h, 7min ago)

Snowy day

Friday night, I got home from work and immediately went to sleep.  It was nice because I haven't gotten a good night of sleep in quite a while.  It was also really not nice because I initially laid down because my tummy was super unhappy (no idea why) and then I slept until Saturday morning.  That's a lot of sleep (and also the reason I didn't post yesterday)! 

So today, my hubby John and I went on a little photo safari.  Basically, we like to drive & get lost looking for interesting stuff.  This time, we headed towards Denver.  As I've said, I love snow... but it put quite a damper on my safari!  About an hour or so in, it started snowing lightly and then it really started coming down.  We went home earlier than we'd planned because the weather made it tough to get good photos but we had fun all the same.

My favorite picture of the day was from the Richthofen Castle.  It's probably called a castle because it was modeled after a castle in Germany but I'd call it a huge mansion.  It is really cool, anyway... and apparently for sale (if you've got $4 million in your housing budget).

Here's a shot of another building on the castle's grounds that shows a little more clearly the type of snowing we were dealing with...

We stayed out for a few hours then decided to go to the grocery store then home.  I made chili & it is just about the best chili ever.  No lie.
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Thursday, February 3rd 2011

8:01 PM (1968 days, 13h, 35min ago)

A Thursday evening

There's a reason I didn't post yesterday and its a really good one!  Okay, not really... I got lost in a Flickr photostream filled with great pictures of St. Louis.  Lots of awesome urban shots.  It inspired me to go on an urban photo safari here in Denver.  We've taken so many trips up into the mountains, and it is beautiful, but we've neglected our city.  I love urban landscapes too and will hopefully have the opportunity to get some good shots this weekend.

For now, here's a couple from today.  Nothing too exciting, really.  First, at a stop light on the way home from work.  What I really like about this one is the reflections on my hood (which I didn't notice until I looked at the pic at home).  I'll have to try this again & aim down a little & maybe after I get a car wash.

My favorite thing about snow is the way it sparkles.  My inner magpie loves shiny things.  It isn't easy to get that to represent well in photos, though.  Here's a semi-successful one I took while walking from the garage to our door.

The next 2 days are forecast to be really nice.  A little warmer & sunny.  Normally, I prefer overcast days for color photography but it has been too long since I've had a good photo road trip & I'll enjoy the warmth while its here!
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Tuesday, February 1st 2011

4:58 PM (1970 days, 16h, 38min ago)

Samalama ding dong

Introducing our third furry child, a 10 month old barn cat (really, she was born in a barn in Missouri).  Her name is Samoa (like the Girl Scout cookie) but we never call her that.  She's Sam, Sammy, Crazy Kitty, Cuddlebug, etc.  She is absolutely nuts and completely adorable.  I recently started quilting and here she is "helping" me.

I'm sure I'll post some pictures of the quilt soon.  It is my first one, so it's far from perfect, but it is turning out pretty cool.  Pet hair included, free of charge.

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Monday, January 31st 2011

7:15 PM (1971 days, 14h, 22min ago)


Back home in Missouri, they are bracing for a "snowpocolypse".  Apparently, they've declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard.  Here in Denver, we've gotten only about 2 inches of snow so far, but it is supposed to snow all night.  I love snow but the temp is the real problem.  The HIGH tomorrow is -2 degrees.  Two below zero Fahrenheit.  I can't remember the last time I've seen a temp like that.  Here's what we've got going on right now, according to the handy dandy outside thermometer I got the hubby for Christmas:

9.9 degrees, people. Where I come from, that's cold.  The "max 19.4" reading is the warmest it has been over the past 24 hours or since 8am or something.  Either way, its pretty darn frigid.  They've closed some schools already but I'm not holding my breath for a snow day.  But it would be REALLY nice to get one.

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Sunday, January 30th 2011

8:26 PM (1972 days, 13h, 11min ago)

Two for one

I've been sick with what I'm pretty sure is a sinus infection and it sucks.  A lot.  So I missed posting my photo-a-day yesterday.  So today you get two!  My husband has this thing where he makes me leave the house when I don't want to.  I feel like poo and he decides its the perfect time to take the dogs to the park.  Today was the last warm-ish day for a while (if we can believe the weather people) so we did need to get the dogs out for a run... but I really didn't want to go.  Now, don't tell him, but the fresh air was good.  The walking was good.  I didn't feel like a million bucks afterward but I did feel a little better. 

Speaking of dogs, let me introduce you to ours...  This is Kaycee.  She's a 3 year old retriever mix of some sort.  She loves to run and play in the pond at the park (when it isn't frozen).

And here is Bella.  She's an 8 year old Corgi Chihuahua mix.  She hates the water but will lick you forever.

There will be many more pictures of our furry kids to follow.  So, if you don't like animals, don't come back.  Seriously.
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Friday, January 28th 2011

11:06 PM (1974 days, 10h, 31min ago)


Yes, I'm going to try this blogging thing AGAIN.  This time, no pressure (for reals, I mean it) and just fun.  I plan to get a late start on the "picture a day" thing and otherwise write whatever the hell I want to write about.  There have been a bazillion changes in my life since the last time I wrote here so we've got a lot of catching up to do! 

I'm going to try and not be hurt when I get no hits or comments (although, the perfectionist who has to "win" inside me may have a hard time with this part).  But if there is anyone out there in the interwebs that might stop by, I am still alive and kicking!

I started this blog as a food blog (that's why my links on the left are mostly food/cooking things.  I'll change that when/if I feel the urge) but found that everyone & their dog is writing about food and 90% of them are WAY more into it than I am.  So now, it's going to be all about ME again.  Okay, maybe about my husband & pets and other stuff too.  But probably not so much about food.

Please check back often and comment if the mood strikes.  I have turned on the thingy that makes me approve comments because, even when I haven't written in so very long, I'm still occasionally getting spam comments.  It sucks to go through & delete them but I don't want them on here.  I will save you from this annoyance because I care that much.

I'm not going to go back & edit my old posts so you'll just have to deal with pictures that aren't there and broken links in some cases if you feel the urge to go back & look at my old posts.  I think that about covers it for now.  I'm never sure how to end these things...

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Wednesday, September 10th 2008

10:22 AM (2845 days, 0h, 15min ago)

ok, so i lied

was it really 27 days ago that i posted last?  it doesn't seem like it's been that long!  time flies... way too fast sometimes. 

not much has really been going on to write about, i guess.  just working, eating & sleeping it seems like.  to be honest, i don't feel much like writing right now but i thought i should post SOMETHING, finally.  i think i'll write more later today.  thanks to anyone who's checking in.  i appreciate it!
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